Our Team

The team at Courtyard Cafe on Main looks forward to serving you.

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Manager and Barista

Courtney Rittenour

Courtney is happily married to Matt & they have their first little boy Rohen! In her spare time she LOVES to bake and cook! She loves experimenting with new recipes and ingredients! She loves going on walks with Rohen and her dog, Kyra! Courtney loves to travel, enjoys family time, loves learning and of course being a mommy!


Assistant Manager

Sarah Carpenter


Sarah is an outgoing and adventue enthusiast! She enjoys biking, hiking, and spending time at the beach!




Janelle Horst


Janelle is married to Tim and they have a great dane puppy! She is in love with both. She enjoys cooking, the beach, the cabin, and spending time with friends and family!


Alicia Burkholder

Alicia has a passion for baking as well as cooking & enjoys doing both for Courtyard Cafe as well as serving the lovely customers! When not at Courtyard, she loves to read, watch movies, run or just be outside in general. She loves Jesus, her soon-to-be husband Jeremy, coffee (of course), & dogs!


Erin Hanna

Erin loves cats and coffee! She has several years of experience as a barista! Erin dreams of opening her own coffee shop one day, while making her way in smalltown, Pa. Until then, she's here to make your day a Wynne by giving you service with a smile and a delicious morning kickstart!


Claire Wickenheiser


Kristin Zoschg


Kristin enjoys adventuring abroad, homemade bread, and high fives! Her favorite drink is water!


Janelle Klaassen

Janelle loves decorating, shopping, trips to her cabin, hiking with her dogs, & playing board games! Her dream job would be a wedding planner!



Hayley Crills


Kaleb Musser

Kaleb enjoys hiking, camping, taking photos and he especially passionate about coffee! His dream career would be to work as a photographer for National Geographic!